Sustainable Creative Community: East London Does Good

Have you seen Hackney Tours walks with universities, schools, organisations, social entrepreneurs and changemakers?

Hackney Tours Eastern Curve thumbs up sustainability creativity community annotatedDiscover creative, innovative social and environmental projects in this 2 hour guided walk around brilliant Hackney projects trying to make better cities. Sustainability, community and positivity – all  in the ‘Social Enterprise Borough’.


Energy self-sufficiency, food waste and issues of sustainability are more topical than ever and Regeneration/Gentrification threatens to erode community as it remakes London. See the people taking positive action and get inspired.

Hackney Tours Growing Communities market
Visit a food market tackling the carbon footprint issue with urban farms.

Tour a revolutionary food market for urban farms; hear about a bakery dedicated to better mental health; visit a food waste cafe; see a craft brewery and a social enterprise bread-makers; feel the pleasure of discovering an amazing hidden community space; be surprised by an epic housing estate energy project.

Hackney Tours group at Eastern Curve talking
Hear first hand how people are creating better cities.

Hackney has a long alternative history: of socially progressive reformers and radical activists; self-organising alternative communities and subcultures. Today’s changemakers are involved in a new campaign to make sustainability an everyday part of life and to foster community in an East London borough that’s changing at incredible speed.

Hackney Tours DIGS housing activists stall
Hackney Tours stops in Dalston to hear from housing activists.

From community spaces that redefine what’s important to cities now, to energy projects that aim to support the cities of the future and social enterprises putting people first, London/Hackney is is rich in projects aiming for a better city – and a fairer planet.

Themes: community gardens; DIY culture; renewable energy projects; community organisers; cooperatives; social enterprises; liminal spaces; temporary use; permaculture; urbanism; coworking; public street art; art in austerity

Hackney Tours has worked with organisations like League of Intrapreneurs and 6heads. Read a review of their customised version of the tour here.

Locals – engage with change and be part of the conversation.

Visitors – see the real East London and take some inspiration home with you.

Business & Planners – see good practice and get ideas.

Schools/universities – see how UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be implemented and connect the classroom with the world.


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