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Hackney is diverse, from ‘City Fringe’ Shoreditch to the leafy expanse of Hackney Marshes and the Victorian warehouses of Hackney Wick. But here are just a few flavours of Hackney to whet your appetite.

Last orders. Or not?
Graffiti & art studios abound in Hackney Wick…
...and just over the canal, vast projects shaping future East London.
…while just over the canal, the Olympics and CrossRail aim to shape future East London.
Downlink for an estate down on its luck.
It’s rich past and diverse present make Hackney so interesting…
Angels don't fear to tread in a historic cemetery-cum-nature-reserve full of 19th century radical
…like the Angels who don’t fear to tread in a historic cemetery full of 19th century radicals.
You can find official and unofficial street art, and alternative communities...
You can find the official and unofficial practice of street art and alternative communities, like boaters…
...and communities practising the art of food growing in alternative ways.
…or eco-communities practicing the ancient art of food-growing in alternative ways, in hidden urban gardens.
Still here, just!
Look hard and you might find the N16 Banksy.
There's Victorian industrial heritage...
There’s Victorian industrial heritage in Haggerston…
Clapton river Lea and greenery small
…and pastoral calm in Clapton.
Did we mention all the culture?
Did we mention all the culture?
By day - or by night. Let's run and discover places like the Olympic Park.
You better run here…
Why not?
…and enjoy it!

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