Did you see Hackney Tours featured in the local Hackney Citizen newspaper (click image for link)?

Hackney Tours in Hackney Citizen screen shot online version

Hackney Tours was really pleased to have been recommended in a blog piece for Last about ‘The Best London Walking Tours’: blog feat Hackney Tours

Catch Hackney Tours in both print and video in British broadsheet the Guardian print article here and video tour here.

Guardian-featured Hackney Tours
Hackney Toured the Guardian around the Olympic perimeter in 2012

Hear us getting excited about our mission and why Hackney history is amazing and inspiring here on the Eastcast Show on Resonance FM.

See this short promo video for Hackney – featuring Hackney Tours – by freelance film-maker Ash Bhardwaj.

In London Living online magazine, Hackney Tours founder Simon Cole (in a playful mood) explains just why East London is the most interesting spot in this brilliant city:

We really wouldn't live anywhere else right now!

Radio fans, you can hear the Olympic Torch route tour on a show called The East Stand on London Fields Radio. It’s a lovely piece (we start 7 mins in).

We love Stokey Lit Fest and you can see a review of 2012’s lunchtime whizz around radical Stoke Newington 2012’s lunchtime whizz around Radical Stoke Newington.

Listen to Lesley Kay from BBC Radio Scotland‘s MacAulay and Co on an alternative jogging tour of Hackney Wick and the Olympic perimeter.

We’ve been on Russia’s second channel but Francophones can see this France 24 piece about changing Olympic Hackney (en francais).

Press Tours

Hackney Tours also writes freelance and continues to give tours of Hackney and the Olympic Park surrounds to various members of the world’s media. If you’re Press, please email on hackneytours to discuss your requirements. We can give you contacts in the local area for stories concerning the social/artistic impact on Hackney etc.

NB – if you’re not Press, but you’d like to have your opinion represented, please contact us so that next time the media asks us “What do locals think?” your voice can be heard.

Media Credits

Include: BBC Radio Scotland; Guardian (print/online); Sueddeutsche Zeitung; ARD; France 24;  Russian State Channel 2 (RTR) & more.

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