East Does West

What a river, what a skyline, what a city!
What a river, what a skyline, what a city!


An East London take on the West End and the Establishment. Why don’t we use the word Republic when we were one? Why is one of our biggest celebrations all about a failed terrorist plot in Westminster? How did the French revolutionise our public health?

We’re not being disloyal to East London by going ‘up west’; there’s just so much to see in and around Westminster and it’s the establishment Yin to Hackney’s radical Yang.

There’s the mighty Thames too, home to the largest port in the world once upon a time. There’d be no London without the river. How did Joseph Conrad get to Hackney in the first place?

Romans, Vikings, Normans, Victorians and the Luftwaffe have all left their mark on this amazing city of ours. Come and see where it all started.

Email us for more info: hackneytours @gmail. com

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