Hackney Wick – the New Shoreditch?

STREET ART TO STREET FOOD; WAREHOUSE & ALTERNATIVE LIVING; DIY/MAKER CULTURE; MICROBREWERIES; ARTISTS; ACTIVISTS, ECOLOGISTS; URBANISTS; VICTORIANA – IT’S ALL IN THE WICK. BUT FOR HOW LONG? Street Art to Street Food; Warehouse and Alternative living; DIY & maker culture; microbreweries; artists & activists – it’s all in the Wick. But for how long? Join someone who’s been watching it change for more than a decade.

“Simon’s tour was exactly what I look for in a walking tour – more than a cursory glance at the history of an area.The gentrification and contemporary social issues of Hackney Wick were explored in a way that was thought provoking and nuanced, while still being fun! I highly recommend these tours.” (Jessica)


Walks start: Hackney Wick Rail (one stop from Stratford)

Walks end: cafe or craft beer bar (varies, but always a good one)

Duration 1.5hrs

Like street art? Like Victoriana? Love walking amid East End social history? Want to see the post-Olympic future? Want to explore what ‘precarity’ and ‘culture jamming’ are in a fast shrinking artist colony next to the latest cultural quarter?

Lord Napier latest paint job
East London is always colourful.

Is this the ‘new Shoreditch’? What does that actually mean? Take a guided walk around the former Victorian factory town Hackney Wick – recently home to 1,000+ artist spaces – to the edge of the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park and London’s newest neighbourhoods.

Explore this hidden corner of the capital and uncover some of its secret stories. Discover centuries of East London history right next to the biggest regeneration project in Europe, in an area changing by the week.

Walkers inspect Here East future pic Hackney Wick small
Find out how the area is set to change fast.

Hear about the industrial firsts and revolutionary toymakers of the past; the artists of the present and the post-Olympic future. See exterior views of the West Ham (formerly Olympic) Stadium and fnd out how this area’s future is linked to the new tech sector future in 21st Century East London.

Take a blast through London’s past and see its future (as featured in our tour for the BBC, Guardian, France 24 etc). Hackney Wick is changing – see it while it lasts.


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