Now booking for the Alternative Statue Tour Tue 7th July. Be part of the conversation. In association with Newington Green Meeting House.

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“Simon’s tours have helped me to connect with the area and made me excited about getting to know my local community better. Whether you’re a seasoned Londoner or a tourist passing through you will definitely enjoy a tour with Simon!” (Lisa)

A lof of these East London lunatics are my friends.
I’ve spent 10 years+ exploring Hackney Wick. Thanks to Aida Wilde and the other street artists who provide so much colour as this area changes fast.

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in London for years.” (Elizabeth)

After years in educational tourism I fell in love with Hackney. I wanted to share all the brilliant stuff I found off the mainstream tourist path.

So I started offering alternative and experimental/experiential tours in 2012, trying to do something different with them. The aim was to provide something useful, something fun but with a purpose, like:

  • Connecting people to their surroundings on a deeper level; rediscovering local wonder in the age of climate change; to be happier and more rooted people, closer to home. This is even more relevant in the flight-free time of the Corona Virus.
  • Celebrating and amplifying the wonderful wave of social enterprises and sustainability pioneers offering local East London solutions to global issues.
  • Remembering the stories of the radicals and reformers who made Hackney what it is today, joining the dots to contemporary changemakers.
  • Facilitating difficult conversations, like the discussion about gentrification and who East London is for as it changes?
  • Getting out in the world and connecting to it to be as fully in it as possible! Revolutions you can dance to…
  • Championing the local indie businesses that make East London so interesting.

Be part of something great: your own backyard.

“We explored alleyways, out-of-the-way garden spaces, temporary communities, modern and historical markets all in a few hours… Everywhere we went, Simon ran into people who knew him and who were willing to stop and share bits of their day with us. We met volunteers, artists, gallery owners and market traders. No one was trying to sell us anything but everyone was more than happy to have a chat about what they do.” (Laura)