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A lof of these East London lunatics are my friends.
I’ve spent 10 years+ exploring Hackney Wick. Thanks to Aida Wilde and the other street artists who provide so much colour as this area changes fast.

After years in educational tourism I fell in love with Hackney. I wanted to share all the brilliant stuff I found off the mainstream tourist path.

So I started offering alternative and experimental/experiential tours in 2012, trying to do something different with them. The aim was to provide something useful, something fun but with a purpose, like:

  • Connecting people to their surroundings on a deeper level; rediscovering local wonder in the age of climate change; to be happier and more rooted people, closer to home. This is even more relevant in the flight-free time of the Corona Virus.
  • Celebrating and amplifying the wonderful wave of social enterprises and sustainability pioneers offering local East London solutions to global issues.
  • Remembering the stories of the radicals and reformers who made Hackney what it is today, joining the dots to contemporary changemakers.
  • Facilitating difficult conversations, like the discussion about gentrification and who East London is for as it changes.
  • Getting out in the world and connecting to it to be as fully in it as possible! Revolutions you can dance to…
  • Championing the local indie businesses that make East London so interesting.