My Educational Tourism Journey

East London is a huge living museum/classroom. There's so much to learn and discuss.
East London is a huge living museum/classroom. There’s so much to learn and discuss.

History’s boring, right? I used to think so; until I realised it’s made up of stories. And people love stories. Make it relevant, make it real, make it a story.

With 7 years experience in educational travel guiding from London to Rome and most points in between – making history and culture easily accessible to high school students and young adults is a passion. I’ve also worked with adults in places as far afield as China and taken international students on Holocaust tours of Poland.

I sometimes write content for one of the world’s leading educational travel companies; from the Romans to the Olympics, Stoke Newington’s radicalism to the D-Day beaches, there’s a whole wealth of experience for you to tap into.

Whether it’s a tour of Hackney history or a talk on Mary Wollstonecraft, London or the World Wars, I can offer you something stimulating and accessible to your organisation.

If you’d like me to come and speak or you’d like to take a tour (Olympics, Hackney history, Feminist Tour etc), then please get in touch: hackneytours @gmail. com

See this page for more info on previous work with schools and universities.

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