Hackney Tours Tomorrow’s World

It’s apt that the exhibition Tomorrow’s World at Atom Gallery on Green Lanes– opening tomorrow, naturally – should explore ideas of Utopia and Dystopia so close to Newington Green. This is where

Wall Down Tourists Out: Bringing Down Barriers With Travel

Berliners will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall on 9th November. But some resent the influx of tourists that the new openness brings. This was discussed by the travel trade this week in London. But surely breaking down barriers is what international travel should be about? 9th November is the 25th…

Sounds of Hackney Summer

You want to hear the sounds of Hackney? Are you expecting the police cars up and down Kingsland Road making Ridley Road afternoon shoppers strain even harder to be heard? Are you expecting

‘Sounds of Hackney’ on Urban Vignettes

Urban Vignettes is a new website which captures the essence of cities all across the world. This week’s theme is sounds and they asked if Hackney Tours would like to contribute something about this diverse borough. Here’s the piece on the Urban Vignettes website. It starts one way, but finishes in another. Hackney: it’s not…