Private Tours


Any of the public walks can be run as private tours.

Hackney Tours loves education!
Schools come to Hackney Tours for anything from Olympic London to Gothic Victoriana.

Hackney Tours has provided tours for individuals celebrating birthdays AND organisations fundraising like the Green Party & Labour Party.

Hackney's Green Party hired Hackney Tours for a walk around Clapton.
Hackney’s Green Party commissioned a Clapton walk to fundraise and know their neighbourhood better.

educational institutions HAVE USED hackney tours, like London Goldsmith’s and Berlin Humboldt (URBAN ISSUES ETC), universities & schools like Hackney’s Petchey Academy (ORIENTATION) and kent’s St Lawrence College (GOTHIC VICTORIANA).

get in touch for a quote.
As these German students found, we've everything from wild woodlands to boat communities in Hackney. Dull it is not!
As these German students found, we’ve everything from wild woodlands to boating communities in Hackney.

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*Educational tour guide Simon Cole has worked with organisations like London’s Goldsmiths University and Berlin’s Alexander Humboldt University to provide insightful tours into places like the unique liminal space that is Hackney Wick.

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