Never the Bride: Mary Wollstonecraft and the Crash of Wedding Symbols

Symbols matter. There’s a serious bit of state theatre going on this weekend apparently (Hackney Tours is too busy being out on the street to follow the media) and it’s all about reinforcing the ancient (feudal?) concept of monarchy. Apparently we’re paying for an elaborate spectacle that is designed to reassure us that being Subjects…

Austerity: Paris Protest 1968 to Hackney Joy 2018

We established the personal is the political in the 1960s. It affects everything around us. Where the oil comes from, who makes our clothes, how our wealth is spent – and how we care for the most vulnerable in society. Whether we have a society… Tour guides are often told to steer clear of politics….

SHW the Group that Burned 10,000 Names

The KLF burned a million pounds on the isle of Jura in 1994 to make a statement and try (it’s said) to negate the all-pervasive power of money. On Tuesday on another island, Fish Island, Save Hackney Wick burned 10,000 names on a petition to mark the apparent failure (at the time of writing) to…

Hackney Tours Tomorrow’s World

It’s apt that the exhibition Tomorrow’s World at Atom Gallery on Green Lanes– opening tomorrow, naturally – should explore ideas of Utopia and Dystopia so close to Newington Green. This is where

In Strange Times, Events For Us to Talk & Connect?

These are tumultuous times. In response we’re stepping up our communal activities. Winter is here but we’re not slowing down. There’s walking, talking and connecting to be done… The civic sphere is where we’re going to find each other and make sense of this year. Whatever happens, surely conversations are where any solutions will start?…

Stay Closer, Shop Local – Travel Deeper

Our ‘Food & Culture’ tour of Dalston and its markets is a labour of love – and a product of love for the area. It just got a great review on Funzing this week; but it’s not really about us it’s really about connection to the community. We’ve been hanging out at the places involved…

Regeneration Game: Margate 1 – 0 London

The exodus is on. If once London attracted the avant garde, does it now repel them? This week arts accessibility champions Open School East joined the artists heading to the south coast, Bristol continues to pull the permaculturists and environmentally ambitious while ‘startup centre’ Berlin is a no-brainer for the entrepreneur.

Gentrification: Is Our Art & Coffee Costing The Neighbourhood?

“It is at best a misunderstanding, and at worst a harmful lie, to portray the cultural sector as an ally of low-income groups. Campaigners against gentrification should resist every art gallery, craft workshop, or new media centre. The first art gallery in a working-class neighbourhood is a sure sign, that gentrification is imminent. “Keep them…

Under a Crane at the Hackney Wall

The first Hackney Wall project of 2012 (see elsewhere on this website) conflated the Olympic perimeter fence with the Berlin Wall. In the former East Germany they decided the first wall wasn’t big enough, so they built a second and larger one and carried on until they had what was very likely the most fortified…

The Hackney Wall: Debut Show at Hackney Wicked 2012

Fittingly on the weekend of Open House, Sat & Sun in London also sees the return of the annual ‘Open Studios’ art bonanza that is Hackney Wicked. And we’re in it! Whether you’re an art aficionado, an architectural adventurer or just plain nosey, come see some contemporary art