Hackney Wick Local History Club

Hackney Wick Local History Club does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s an initiative funded by the Wick Award with the aim of bringing together local people in and around E9 to talk about the area’s rich history. It’s for everyone. It’s not exclusive, it’s just for anyone and everyone who has a story to share about the area and is interested in all the things that have happened there.

We’re particularly interested in hearing where you lived, worked – and partied! So get in touch and share your memories before they’re lost. You can check out the new Facebook page here and add your own posts, content or comments. Alternatively you can contact Polly Mann or myself to get involved (see below).

We need you, because without you, there’s no history. So please come and share your story. We particularly encourage voices that are lesser heard. Hackney Wick is for everyone. Thanks to the Wick Award for funding this initiative.

Polly Mann (Wick Award): polly.mann@wickaward.co.uk 07482320992

Simon Cole (Hackney Tours): hackneytours@gmail.com 07974123191