East London is a huge living museum/classroom. There's so much to learn and discuss.
East London is a huge living museum/classroom. There’s so much to learn and discuss.

If you’re studying urban planning; the arts; sociology or just have an interest in the issues raised by gentrification, regeneration and the Olympics etc, then get in touch about a tour. founder simon cole has 9 years educational tour guiding experience working with schools and universities.

If you are using Hackney Wick as your subject (and many of you are) then we can put you in touch with contacts and potential case studies if you take a tour.
We’ve worked with universities like London Goldsmiths and Berlin’s Alexander Humboldt to show their students (geography, sociology, planning, arts) a place where so many themes and disciplines intersect.

Simon’s own educational background is Humanities: English Lit; Cultural Studies; Sociology; Politics; combined with years of intuitive research as a curious backpacker, international tour guide and part-time travel writer.

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  1. Terry Crane says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I have just started the final masters degree in architecture, and was wondering if you would be able to offer me some help. For my final year studio project i have proposed an investigation into a subject that has fascinated me for years, the hidden underground networks in and around the city of London, main focussing on the sewer, water, and railway systems. I found a link regarding the Northern Outfall Sewer tours but was unable to find the article or link for information on how to book. So i was wondering if you had any information on any of this, or would be able to offer any tours or contacts for this,or a similar nature?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated



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