Regeneration Game: Margate 1 – 0 London

The exodus is on. If once London attracted the avant garde, does it now repel them? This week arts accessibility champions Open School East joined the artists heading to the south coast, Bristol continues to pull the permaculturists and environmentally ambitious while ‘startup centre’ Berlin is a no-brainer for the entrepreneur.

Hackney Wick Warehouse Culture Goes Mainstream

Hackney Wick is a special place – and a place in transition. Increasingly the property sections are picking up on it as ‘the place to be’, as in this week’s Evening Standard article heralding the rise of a ‘new’ London trend of co-living. We’ve been living this lifestyle since 2009 and celebrating it on our…

Is Hackney Wick the New Shoreditch?

A new title for the same tour. Why? Hackney Wick and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park continues to be the most interesting part of a capital which never stands still. If street art is a barometer of hipness

Mary Wollstonecraft: Celebrating Heroines of Hackney on IWD

The most amazing woman you never heard of? Single mum; war correspondent; businesswoman; writer; educator; activist; political radical; patriarchy-smasher: if you’ve read “In Search of Mary” by Newington Green resident Bee Rowlatt you’ll know that Mary Wollstonecraft was a woman ahead of her time (and still is? Discuss…).

FREE Chatsworth Road Festival walk this Sunday

As part of the Chatsworth Road Festival this Sunday, you can get our ‘Connect with Clapton, Discover Extraordinary E5’ walk free! Just turn up at the information stall at 11am on Sunday and we’ll discover what makes this such a special place.

A Tour Around You! Free ANTIUNIVERSITY Hackney Wick Walk

East London explorers, urbanists and innovators – come and join us for an artistic experiment this Friday as part of the FREE ANTIUNIVERSITY of East London weekend of events. Disrupting the conventional model of a tour, we’re going to try something new: taking a tour of YOU. The idea is a participatory and generative walking…

Disruptors: Using Hackney History to Hack the Future

Join us on Wednesday 28th for a special tour by Hackney Tours for changemakers 6heads, an experiment in shared learning (book here)… “If we are to better the future, we must disturb the present” …it could be the mission statement of a modern day innovator in East London


two walk weekend coming up again… At 2pm on Saturday you can join Hackney North & Stoke Newington Labour Party for a fundraising edition of the Subversive Stoke Newington walk. Find out why it’s the ‘Village that Changed the World’ (Facebook event link here or book on Eventbrite here). Then at 10.30am on Sunday you can…

Curiosity, the wonder of Hackney, and running tours

Curiosity about the world is what drives Hackney Tours. How does it work? How do we make sense of it? How can we best be in it, appreciate, enjoy and ultimately improve it? The underlying philosophy is to be really fully alive, out there in the world in a physically and mentally healthy state. because…

The Original Suffragette – Hackney Hero Mary Wollstonecraft

The big movie release this week is Suffragette, but 100 years before the Pankhurst-led push for suffrage, a Hackney-based hero was scandalising the establishment by suggesting a woman could be a man’s equal. She is the star of our polemical walk ‘Feminist (Or Is It?) Stoke Newington’. Often referred to as the ‘founder of modern…

Discovering Dalston, Stokey Safari: The Biggest Story Ever?

It’s been a busy summer and that continues this Saturday with three different walks (booking here at Eventbrite). This Saturday we’re discovering Dalston and on safari in Stoke Newington. We’re experimenting with a new look and how best to tie together all the good stuff (art, creativity, socially progressive initiatives, sustainability etc) so what’s the…