Hackney Wick Warehouse Culture Goes Mainstream

Evening Standard Property Hackney Wick co-working article
Our walking tours have celebrated it for years, now the word is out on Hackney Wick…

Hackney Wick is a special place – and a place in transition. Increasingly the property sections are picking up on it as ‘the place to be’, as in this week’s Evening Standard article heralding the rise of a ‘new’ London trend of co-living.

We’ve been living this lifestyle since 2009 and celebrating it on our walks since 2012. It’s called Warehouse Culture. How will this new twist on one of the things that has given East London its creative edge play out? One thing’s for sure, it’ll be more expensive – how will that effect the culture, community and creativity of this slowly dwindling artist colony?

As planners and urbanists discuss the possibility of a ‘Paris Doughnut’ in London – a sterile centre that’s only affordable to the rich – East London becomes ever more expensive. Hackney Wick is changing. But people are trying to mitigate the effects of Gentrification here; it’s possible that some of the area’s unique DIY culture and alternative living may just survive.

Nobody knows the future for Hackney Wick and Fish Island; a fascinating part of East London that has spawned a number of industrial firsts, a contemporary art scene and will soon be home to a host of new homes in new neighbourhoods for ever-growing London.

But for now we can enjoy street art, galleries and an incredible mix of industrial and creative spaces.

See it with us in 2016, then come back in a few years to see if Hackney Wick was indeed the new Shoreditch?

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