Art Everywhere for Everyone – Beauty is Where You Find It

Art and beauty for all, everywhere!
Art and beauty for all, everywhere!

Imagine a world with art and beauty on every corner? Who doesn’t want some of that? Yet maybe it already exists, we just need to see it?

At Hackney Tours we’ve become fascinated by state and its effects on how we see the world.It’s obvious that if we’re stressed out and rushing from A to B we’re not open to the wonder of what’s all around us. Being present is a big challenge in a busy megacity like London.

So one of our objectives is to help you slow down and see what’s already around us. We’re increasingly aware of environmental issues from the continued growth of aviation and one of the spurs for Hackney Tours was to see if we could find that travel buzz in East London. Do we have to go away to find beauty and inspiration?

We’re always deconstructing and hacking convention – like the binary idea of the mundane at home and fun abroad. What if we could take a bit of that vacation fun and put it into the everyday? Maybe we’d need fewer holidays yet have more daily fulfillment?

So here’s a challenge to East London innovators: go out and find some beauty tomorrow, without leaving your city. It’s an ‘open to the world’ mindset that becomes self-reinforcing, just like the ‘Pronoia’ prism that Hackney pioneer Tiu de Haan encourages us to view the world through. Beauty’s where you find it. So find more.

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