Curiosity, the wonder of Hackney, and running tours

See more of Hackney, get more from life, get fit!

Curiosity about the world is what drives Hackney Tours. How does it work? How do we make sense of it? How can we best be in it, appreciate, enjoy and ultimately improve it?

The underlying philosophy is to be really fully alive, out there in the world in a physically and mentally healthy state. because then we can connect with it more, appreciate it more, be happier.
Why? Because if we get to that good place, we can be more compassionate, kind, tolerant and caring towards others. and that means a better london.

in ‘mental health week 2015’ One of the things that keeps Hackney Tours sane is exercise…

As a tour guide, you can spend a lot of time in your head and lose touch with your body. That’s why I – Simon Cole, founder of Hackney Tours – also work as Hackney Fit: a personal trainer in parks and at a friendly fitness studio that doesn’t take itself too seriously, London Fields Fitness Studio*.

It’s all about coaching people, about taking them on a journey. Running tours seemed an obvious place to combine these two vocations. You get the mental buzz of discovering new things in your neighbourhood, the social side of running in a group (I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy both at Good Gym and Run Dem Crew) – plus the buzz of exercise.

If you want to try something new, different, fun and healthy, come and join us on Saturday.

(You can see details here but there’s no need to book, it’s just £5 on the day at *LFFS)

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