Hackney Changemakers: Ella Wiggans

I met the Good Beans crew on one of the social enterprise networking events run by Doug Racionzer (see earlier post) here in the Hackney social enterprise ecosystem. They write copy for a living, so you know you’re in for a good read as you find out how Ella (right) and Claire Birch (left) came…

Street to Screen and Back: Wick Speaks!

When you’re all about IRL (in real life) work and Covid hits, how do you respond? This was the challenge for myself and The People Speak when we did the pioneering Wick Speaks! project in 2020…

Hackney Changemakers: Esther Freeman

Esther gets things done. She approached me pre-Covid to collaborate on a Hackney women’s history walking project which now has turned into a podcast (listen here). As you’ll see, we both like uncovering hidden stories and we both think that by looking back, we can better understand where we are today. And who doesn’t like…

Hackney Tours is Social

2020 is the year of the Staycation. So now we ALL have to rediscover the local 🙂 It’s also the year when Hackney Tours moves closer towards its aim of giving back to the community on multiple levels. Not just in the sense that tours can make people happier, provoking curiosity about where they live…

Unconventionally Yours: Wander & Wonder Since 2012

Since exploring the hidden side of the Olympics for Hackney Wick locals and creating a Feminist polemic walk in Stoke Newington, since 2012 Hackney Tours has gone about being a commercial operation entirely the wrong way. The tours haven’t been regular, the subject matter hasn’t stayed ‘safe’. Offers from developers to help sell houses

Long Hot Summer of Exploration

It’s been a long hot summer. And a lot of exciting exploration is already under the belt. But there’s more to come… Hackney Tours has been out on the road this summer with

Stay Closer, Shop Local – Travel Deeper

Our ‘Food & Culture’ tour of Dalston and its markets is a labour of love – and a product of love for the area. It just got a great review on Funzing this week; but it’s not really about us it’s really about connection to the community. We’ve been hanging out at the places involved…

Regeneration Game: Margate 1 – 0 London

The exodus is on. If once London attracted the avant garde, does it now repel them? This week arts accessibility champions Open School East joined the artists heading to the south coast, Bristol continues to pull the permaculturists and environmentally ambitious while ‘startup centre’ Berlin is a no-brainer for the entrepreneur.

Is Hackney Wick the New Shoreditch?

A new title for the same tour. Why? Hackney Wick and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park continues to be the most interesting part of a capital which never stands still. If street art is a barometer of hipness