Lockdown Walks: Taking It All In

This is Pt 2 of “Lockdown Walks: We’re all Flaneurs/euses Now” *(see Pt 1 here) showing how to get more out of your Lockdown exercise. Way before mindfulness was all the rage, walking had been identified as a way to be present and to work the brain in different ways. I’ve experimented with the idea…

Park Life: Connecting with East London

Connection! That’s what it’s all about. To our environment, to each other and ultimately ourselves. Sound a bit out there? Well increasingly research shows that being out and about is good for us. Not just physically but mentally too

Places Left on Free Clapton Tour This Sun for Hackney Council

There are still some places left on Sunday’s walk around the waterways of Clapton, run by Hackney Tours for/with Hackney Council (scroll down, see below details).If you don’t know the area, it’s a beautiful spot with wide open spaces and all sorts of rare creatures and plants are waiting to be discovered there. If you…

Sounds of Hackney Summer

You want to hear the sounds of Hackney? Are you expecting the police cars up and down Kingsland Road making Ridley Road afternoon shoppers strain even harder to be heard? Are you expecting