Hackney Changemakers: Thea May

“I realised that I can not teach people to lie any more. My line in the sand is clear. I cannot and will not no longer coach people to give charismatic talks that they don’t care about. That is how we got into this problem in the first place! Disconnect from self and others. Business detached from its social and environmental impact.”

Hackney Changemakers: Doug Racionzer

Hackney Cooperative Developments have been here several decades, trying to keep commercial rents affordable so that existing business owners can stay where they have established themselves and, often, where they live. They are closely involved with the council on the Hackney Social Enterprise Borough initiative and this is how I met Sophie Higgins (see previous…

Hackney Changemakers: Sophie Higgins

I’m very excited to introduce this series of guest blogs by Hackney Changemakers who have inspired me on my own journey to achieve something different in Social Enterprise Borough Hackney. We stand on the shoulders of giants here, wading in a centuries-old river of reforming consciousness. And today’s trailblazers are all great fun to be…

Revolutions You Can Dance to in Dalston

Want to meet some kickass changemakers? Want to really connect with your area and get to know the exciting things happening in its hidden corners? Like to support your local homeless shelter? Join us this Sat at 11am for a special edition of the walk celebrating Hackney champions and changemakers – and finishing off at…

Changing Bermondsey, Gothic Abney After Dark

As winter draws in and it’s tempting to hibernate, there are still reasons to get out and exercise. This Saturday sees another free out-of-borough walk for Hackney Council. We’ll be having a little walk around