#TenPerCentTours – Tours Giving Back And Doing Good



Tour guiding is an enormously rewarding job. In nearly a decade I’ve all sorts of interesting people and share with them the things that I’m passionate about. They often return the favour too!

But it’s important to me that my job is something that I can feel is contributing to the greater good and giving something back. So with that in mind, Hackney Tours is committing to giving 10% of tour proceeds to the locations it features. It’s a gesture that harks back to the old concept of ‘tithing’, where people would give 10% to the church to help the less fortunate.

There’s nothing unfortunate about the dedicated volunteers of Abney Park Trust who tend to the 32 acres of this amazing nature reserve, but they need all the help they can get to manage this amazing – but large – site. So it’s 10% to them when we tour there.

In Hackney Wick, it’s people like the Community Interest Group (CIG) benefiting. This groundbreaking organisation is interrogating developer and local authority plans to mitigate the effects of a London property scene that threatens to engulf this unique location and its creative culture.

In Newington Green, it’s the Mary on the Green fund for a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft, the ‘Founder of Modern Feminism’ who has no memorial in the place where she was inspired to take on inequality.

So when you come on Hackney Tours #TenPerCentTours you’re doing good and giving something back. It’s good stuff. Get involved!

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