Discovering Dalston, Stokey Safari: The Biggest Story Ever?

Hackney Tours reframing London marshes flower

It’s been a busy summer and that continues this Saturday with three different walks (booking here at Eventbrite). This Saturday we’re discovering Dalston and on safari in Stoke Newington.

We’re experimenting with a new look and how best to tie together all the good stuff (art, creativity, socially progressive initiatives, sustainability etc) so what’s the unifying thing about these events?

They’re all about exploration and connection: exploring our history, our community and how the future might look. Because being out in the world and understanding it – and the people in it – can help us connect to ourselves.

And that’s what setting up Hackney Tours has been about: understanding the world and finding out how best to be in it. It’s maybe the biggest question we can ask ourselves.

A little ambitious for an experiential tourism project? Joseph Campbell said if you’re going to have a story, make it a big one.

This is Hackney Tours’ big story.

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