Hidden Hackney: Changemakers & Joie de Vivre

Social Enterprise HIdden Hackney collage July 2019 small

Changemaker? Sick of Doom & Gloom and National Politics?

It’s grim on the national stage politically, but Hackney has the antidote! On an intimate walk with a few friends come and explore the inspiring local initiatives that are tackling national and even global issues. Meet your new friends and neighbours at the market and connect with the stuff we know is good for the soul.

Resilient communities start with networks. There’s no doom and gloom here, just great people changing the world on their own doorstep. Comments from last week included:

“There are so many layers…”
“I live in Hackney and I’ve never been here before!”
“I had no idea…”

We have some surprising spots to survey and another sneak preview from a book by local author and Change.org figure Kajal Odedra called Do Something: Activism for Everyone – which is not out until 8th August. But you can hear some exciting extracts tomorrow!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, it’ll be happening again. This stuff needs to be heard. On the weekend the French celebrate the Revolution of 1789, we’ll be exploring the markets and mini-revolutions here in East London in renewable energy, community, mental health and of course food.

Here’s the booking link. Kids come free. For more French-themed fun this weekend, check out Half Day Holidays ,the Kent experimental arm of Hackney Tours. I’m hosting a free book crawl in Margate on Sunday if you fancy a trip out. It’ll be beret good.

In other news, the William Blake pamphlet I contributed to by artist Louisa Albani has the blessing of Iain Sinclair and is doing well. I’ll be speaking/facilitating at the Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography in Huddersfield in September about the Dérive I did with Doomed Gallery for Antiuniversity in Dalston in June. We found some fun in unlikely parts of Dalston alleyways. Local wonder, on your doorstep…

See you on the street for some inspiration!

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