Park Life: Connecting with East London

Connection! That’s what it’s all about. To our environment, to each other and ultimately ourselves. Sound a bit out there? Well increasingly research shows that being out and about is good for us. Not just physically but mentally too

Focus on the Positive – IWD 2019

This International Women’s Day, I will be offering another walk featuring the heroic Mary Wollstonecraft and other inspiring female writers and fighters in Hackney for social justice who don’t get the recognition they ought to, like

Really Discover East London!

Radical History Lover? Curious Local? Love Photography? Something for Everyone… It’s been a busy summer, so you may have missed the Hampstead Heath walk for Hackney Council or the literary adventure that was our trip to a Margate book festival in the guise of Half Day Holidays. I took some Wickers around Hackney Wick to…

10 Reasons to Take a Running Tour

If I had a proverbial penny for every time I’ve had a bemused reaction to the idea of running/jogging tours, I’d be lazing by day at London Fields Lido, while dining by night on fine Argentinian steak at Broadway Market’s Buen Ayre. So in the spirit of enlightenment, here are 10 reasons why you –…