10 Reasons to Take a Running Tour

We all deserve our moment in the Hackney sun...
Tell me this isn't fun?

If I had a proverbial penny for every time I’ve had a bemused reaction to the idea of running/jogging tours, I’d be lazing by day at London Fields Lido, while dining by night on fine Argentinian steak at Broadway Market’s Buen Ayre.

So in the spirit of enlightenment, here are 10 reasons why you – yes YOU, dear reader – ought to take a jogging promenade of this fine borough with Hackney Tours…

1) Why would you NOT?

Life’s short! Why wouldn’t you try something fun, new and different – just once?

2) Social running is fun running

If you’ve not run in a group before, it’s so much fun! There’s something bonding about being in a group with a shared goal; it gives things a new sense of purpose and breeds camaraderie. We call it the ‘craic’ where I’m from. We’ll give you encouragement too!

3) You discover your borough – your home!

Everyone thinks they ‘know’ their area – until you take them on a tour. Hackney is rich in history and we are all shaping it right now. You’ll be amazed what’s happened where you live. And if you’re not local, there’ll be even more to see and experience for the first time.

4) You see more – in less time

A running tour is a great way to cover more ground than a walking tour – and in less time. A running tour lasts typically 45-75 minutes, so it can be slotted into your schedule easily!

5) It makes the time go quickly

If you’ve GOT to run but you’re not a big fan, the time flies by when you’re discovering an area. None of that “Only five minutes more, then I can stop…” business.

6) It makes you dissociate from your body

Again, if you’re not that into your running, you’re so busy listening to your guide that you haven’t got time to dwell on the effort your legs are making.

7) It gives you an endorphin release

We ARE our hormones, and these make you feel great. We all need some of these in our system – it’s scientifically proven. Who doesn’t like to feel good?

8) It releases stress & counters depression

In the training articles I write for Runner’s World I’m constantly coming across research that advocates exercise as a way to counter stress and depression. It offers not just an obvious release valve, but also a sense of structure, control and self-esteem.

9) It burns fat and aids your cardiovascular system

Running is a great way to burn fat. Using this calorie counter, I worked out that the woman I took out today burned around 600 kcal on our gentle 45-min jogging tour. And it’s GREAT for your cardiovascular system.

10) It gives you a great conversation starter down the pub – and lets you show off!

Guaranteed – this will make you the centre of attention when you mention it. A trail-blazer, an innovator – you are a pioneer! How many of your friends have done this? Uh-huh!

And so, as we see, the wonder is that London is not constantly filled with jogging sightseers; flies in their teeth from grinning with exhilaration at the heady combination of discovery and exercise. No more excuses London. Get in touch, get those trainers on, and get out with us!

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