Holidays in Hackney: Midnight Kayak Adventure

For some years now I’ve been exploring how we can find plane-free low-carbon wonder in our own backyard. Not just because we need to change our attitude to travel, not just because many here can’t afford it either – but also because who can’t benefit from feeling a little happier every day by loving where…

Journey to Future Hackney

If the exciting radical past of radical Hackney was the pizza of conventional tourism where I started, then eventually I would always end up with a big long stringy piece of cheese stretched out between it and my face. This was the future

  “I didn’t even know this place was here…” …music to Hackney Tours ears. That’s what it’s all about, helping people see their own back yard in a different light. From places to stories to ideas – exploration is at heart of everything. On Sunday we went walking, on a little Clapton safari for #IndieWknd