Extraordinary E5 group pic copy small

“I didn’t even know this place was here…”

…music to Hackney Tours ears. That’s what it’s all about, helping people see their own back yard in a different light.

From places to stories to ideas – exploration is at heart of everything.

On Sunday we went walking, on a little Clapton safari for #IndieWknd to celebrate the independent businesses that keep Hackney and East London quirky and interesting, organised by the East End Trades Guild.

Delicious hot food was supplied by Bernsteins Bar and their soup went down well as we strolled through some stories and history in Clapton. Millfields Park is beautiful, though it’s still a place that looks ordinary to the untrained eye; yet after a little reading you realise it’s anything but.

From old industry to ancient battles and county lines that no longer exist, there have been so many Claptons… It’s about a way of seeing, understanding that right under our feet is wonder and that the buzz of discovery doesn’t always mean a plane ride.

This is the theory behind slow travel and the slower you go here, the more you see. From the street art you might have missed to the medieval legends who used to run the Lea Bridge show, there’s more to #ExtraordinaryE5 than you’d imagine.

Get in touch if you’re interested in gift vouchers for 2018 tours, or hiring Hackney Tours yourself. Group tours cost less than you might think.

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