Hackney Tours Running Tour on BBC Radio Scotland’s MacAulay & Co

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking Lesley Kay from BBC Radio Scotland’s MacAulay & Co on the running version of our popular alternative Olympic walking tour around Hackney Wick. And what fun it was too. “How fast do you run?” she asked. “As fast as you want, it’s your tour,” was the answer, of course.

Jogging through Europe’s densest concentration of artist studios we enjoyed street art from the likes of Sweet Toof and Christian Nagel while Lesley heard all about the history of Hackney Wick; this fast-changing landscape combines the Victorian architectural legacy of the Industrial Revolution with East London’s proposed hi-tech future at iCity. If you remember the Dr Who episode where the eponymous hero meets Charles Dickens, it’s not a bad analogy for what’s happening right here on our Hackney doorstep.

So if you want to know about the pace of change in East London, get your trainers/sneakers on and we’ll show you!


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