A Tour Around You! Free ANTIUNIVERSITY Hackney Wick Walk

Hackney Tours giving Echoes tour
Hackney Wick is full of inspiration.

East London explorers, urbanists and innovators – come and join us for an artistic experiment this Friday as part of the FREE ANTIUNIVERSITY of East London weekend of events. Disrupting the conventional model of a tour, we’re going to try something new: taking a tour of YOU.

The idea is a participatory and generative walking tour to strip away the conventional tour model and see what happens when we generate our own content and compose our own meaning. There’ll be a nod to Debord and De Botton as we explore what travel is and where we need to go to do it.

We’ve been playing with these ideas for a while; we get some very interesting people on Hackney Tours: adventurers curious about the world who enjoy discovery and exploration. The conventional tour model allows for limited interaction and input from you so what would it be like if everyone could generate some content?

And what would it be like if that content was about them and their experience of that location rather than existing historical facts (however interesting they may be in somewhere as multi-layered as Hackney Wick).

It’s an experiment. There is no guarantee it’ll work. But that’s how innovation happens; we try new things and see what happens. And if all we get is a some stimulating from some inquisitive minds, it’ll have been worth coming down to Hub67 at Hackney Wick at 7pm on Friday.

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